Welcome to our website. We specialize in hospital infrastructure projects including Medical Gas Infrastructure, Oxygen Generation, CSSD design and implementation, and Modular operating Theater construction. Please feel free to browse around to learn more. 

Medical Gas Infrastructure

Medical Gas Infrastructure

Piping your medical gases into your hospital is a safe and efficinet mannor of delivering all gases directly to your patients without the need to wheel  cylinders around

Medical Oxygen Plant

Oxygen Production

Producing your own oxygen allows for a much more efficient operation, reduces logistic hassles of managing cylinders and greatly reduces costs.

CSSD Design and Implementation

Square Medical has partnered with Tuttnauer, the leading manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilization equipment, to not only provide top quality high performance products but also design the optimal workflow of the CSSD in order to enhance infection control standards.

Modular Theaters

Square Medical has partnered with German manufacturer, HT Health Tech, to provide high end solutions for operating theaters. The modular theater design enables durable materials with high flexibility to create the perfect environment for surgical procedures.

More to come soon