OxyFlow - Automatic Manifold System for medical gases
Installed OxyFlow manifold system for medical gases


Supplying oxygen​ and peace of mind

OxyFlow is an automatic manifold system designed to enable a central supply of oxygen to be easily distributed throughout the hospital to all designated departments and to ensure a guaranteed constant supply. The system is fully redundant and allows for an automatic switchover between cylinder banks to ensure an uninterrupted supply. An alert signals to staff that the depleted cylinder bank needs to be replenished.


The OxyFlow system is comprised of two main components: The manifolds and the automatic control cabinet.


Each OxyFlow system is comprised of two manifolds (left and right) which connect to a number of oxygen cylinders forming two distinct cylinder banks. The manifolds are scalable and can accommodate for any number of cylinders that are required to meet the users demand so you are guaranteed for high flexibility and better controls over costs. Each manifold then connects to the automatic control cabinet.


The Automatic control cabinet is responsible to automatically switch over between manifolds when the pressure drops from the one in use due to depletion of the oxygen. No human intervention is required. As the switchover is performed to the replenished manifold the automatic control cabinet will also alert the hospital staff that a specific manifold requires a change of cylinders. These can be replaced with ease as the other cylinder bank is in use thus ensuring an uninterrupted supply of oxygen throughout the hospital's operation.


From the automatic control cabinet, the oxygen will flow to a central pipeline that will distribute the oxygen throughout the designated areas. At the end point the oxygen will reach the bed head unit which is mounted over every bed. The bed head unit is a modular unit that can accommodate for different types of medical gas outlets as well as provision for power sockets, communication ports, reading lights, and nurse station call button. An Oxygen flow meter is connected to the gas outlet on the bed head unit and the amount of oxygen a patient requires can be easily regulated and provisioned to the patient directly over his bed.


The OxyFlow automatic manifold system can accommodate any medical gas that can be supplied via cylinder and not only oxygen.