OxyMed - mobile oxygen generator

Compact and mobile automatic oxygen generator

OxyMax is a fully automatic and all included compact oxygen generator based on PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption). This plug and play generator is an ideal alternative to oxygen cylinders.

Indoor and quiet (58db), OxyMax produces medical grade oxygen of 93% purity and can be linked to a small piping network or directly into an anesthesia machine or ventilator.


Key benefits:

  • Plug and play

  • 30l/min flow @ up to 6bar

  • Compact and silent

  • Fully automatic

  • Cost effective

  • Perfect for small health care facilities

  • optional cylinder filling station



Backup Cylinder Manifold Fixture


Each OxyMax unit is equipped with a backup cylinder manifold fixture. This enables a cylinder back up that will be automatically utilized once the OxyMax system stops working either due to power outage or for maintenance. The attached cylinders can also compensate for peak utilization that will surpass the system's output capacity. An audible alarm can be connected to the cylinder manifold fixture (optional) giving staff an alert whenever the cylinders are depleted and require to be changed.