OxyPro -  oxygen generator with cylinder filling station


Produce your own Oxygen

When running a large operation wherein multiple patients require oxygen simultaneously you may find it difficult to supply this demand via mobile oxygen cylinders which are rolled directly to the patient’s bed side. Using individual cylinders is an inefficient and cumbersome method which requires administrative resources which can be put to better use, not to mention the high cost of replenishing the cylinders and the logistics entailed in doing so. 
For this reason we designed OxyPro, a central oxygen generator, which turns your hospital in to a self-sustained oxygen producer that does not need to rely on any third parties for your oxygen supply. Our OxyPro system is based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, a cost effective method of producing high purity medical grade oxygen. Produce your own and increase the quality of services offered to your patients today.


OxyPro comes with an option to include a cylinder filling station using a high pressure compressor thus also providing you with the ability to replenish oxygen cylinders for other customers or for your own back up utilization