Oxygen Production

The most common type of medical gas used in hospitals today is Oxygen. In emerging markets, the supply of oxygen may be scarce at times due to the poor infrastructure and logistics associated. Square Medical is therefore offering hospitals the opportunity to produce their own oxygen and become self-sufficient. Not only does this provide hospitals with great savings on oxygen expenditures and the logistics involved but also provides a safe and efficient method of getting the oxygen to patients.  


OxyMax - oxygen generator


OxyMax is a compact, cost effective, indoor oxygen generation plant that is capable of producing oxygen and building high pressure making it suitable for several applications. Perfect for small hospitals and clinics.


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OxyPro - oxygen generator

OxyPro is a more powerful oxygen production plant capable of delivering higher capacities of oxygen. The OxyPro system can also be fitted with an oxygen cylinder filling station. Great for major hospitals with large oxygen consumption.


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