Piping Infrastructure

Piping medical gases throughout healthcare facilities is a global standard that every organization must aspire to meet. Piping infrastructure is designed to distribute medical gases from a central supply unit throughout the entire hospital in a safe and efficient manner. No longer do cylinders need to be rolled around rooms and taken up and down stairs wasting valuable resources that could be put to better use.


A piping system can be designed to accommodate a variety of medical gases:

       1. Oxygen

       2. Medical Air

       3. Vacuum (central suction)

       4. CO2

       5. Nitrous

       6. Anesthesia Gas (AG) ventilation


The design performed by Square Medical's engineers takes into consideration the system’s efficiency based on the amount of patients and expected utilization, maintenance and troubleshooting aspects to ensure that any given malfunction in one department does not affect the rest of the hospital, as well as cost effectiveness.


The pipes and accessories can be embedded into the walls or can be surface mounted depending on the customers' needs.

Bedhead units

The bedhead unit is a modular supply unit that is used to provide an efficient working environment near the patients' bed.  A single bed head unit can be equipped with different medical gas outlets, power sockets, lighting, nurse call button, communication ports, and rails to hang other medical equipment when required.


Bedhead supply unit for medical gases

An example of a surface mounted single bed head unit designed for two beds including gas outlets and power sockets and rail for hanging equipment

Installed bedhead unit with gas outlets only

A surface mounted single bed head unit designed for two beds including gas outlets only


Central suction system

A central vacuum system designed to enable a simple and efficient means of suction in each one of the hospital rooms.

The system is comprised of two oil flooded vacuum pumps mounted on a vacuum tank. This setup enables both full redundancies for the system in addition to relieving working stress from each individual pump as they work in alternating fashion ensuring low maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of the system.

The pumps are linked through a central line to the bedhead units throughout the hospital making the solution highly efficient and easy to use.

Key characteristics:

  • Automatic alteration: all pumps share the duty cycle equally.

  • Lead/Lag operation: only required pumps work saving energy

  • Pressure transducers: ensure constant and reliable working pressure.

  • High efficiency motors

  • Vibration free: no special civil works required.

  • Compact

  • Air cooled: no water required

Gas outlet box - oxygen, medical air, and vacuum

An embedded gas outlet box can be an efficient and cost effective solution

Vacuum pump system for medical purposes